Friday, February 10, 2012

10 February 2002 - Jack Henry Abbott Commits Suicide

1829 (-) 252nd Pope Leo XII originally Annibale Francesco Clemente Melchiore Girolamo Nicola della Genga, dies at the age of 68 in Rome, Italy.
1837 (-) Poet Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin dies at the age of 37 in St. Petersburg, Russia.
He was mortally wounded in a duel with Georges D'Anthès, the alleged lover of his wife, two days earlier.
1883 (+) Revolutionary Fanya Yefimovna Kaplan aka The Woman Who Tried to Kill Lenin, is born in Volhynian Governorate, Russia.
1890 (+) Writer Boris Leonidowitsch Pasternak is born in Moscow, Russia.
1893 (+) Comedian and actor Jimmy James Francis Durante aka The Schnozzola, is born in Brooklyn, New York, USA.
1898 (+) Dramatist Berthold Eugen Friedrich Brecht is born in Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany.
1898 (+) Writer Joseph Kessel known for ‘Belle de Jour’, is born in Clara, Entre Rios, Argentina.
1923 (-) Scientist William Konrad Röntgen dies of carcinoma of the intestine at the age of 77 in München, Germany.
1932 (-) Writer Edgar Richard Horatio Wallace known for ‘King Kong’, dies of diabetes at the age of 56 in Beverley Hills, California, USA.
1939 (-) 260th Pope Pius XI originally Achille Ratti, dies at the age of 81 in Rome, Italy.
1942 (-) Evelyn Oatley aka Nita Ward, is strangled and sexually mutilated with a can opener as second victim by Gordon Cummins aka The Blackout Ripper, at the age of 35 in London, Wardour Street, United Kingdom.
1954 (x) 59-year-old Guru Meher Baba originally Merwan Sheriar Irani aka The Silent Avatar, declares he is the Avatar, an incarnation of God in India.
1962 (x) The United States and Russia exchange the spies Gary Powers and Rudolf Abel against each other in Berlin, Germany.
1973 (x) 18-year-old David Allan Oliker, 18-year-old Robert Michael Spector, 19-year-old Brian Scott Card and 15-year-old Mark John Dreibelbis are shot dead by Mass-murderer Herbert William Mullin in Santa Cruz, Henry Cowell State Park, The Garden of Eden Overlook, California, USA.
1978 (x) 31-year-old Serial Killer Ted Theodore Robert Bundy aka The Only Living Witness, is added to the list of the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted in the USA.
1997 (-) Murderer Richard Jr. Brimage is executed by lethal injection in Huntsville Prison, Texas, USA.
1999 (-) Serial Killer George Cordova aka Spiderman, is executed by lethal injection at the age of 39 in Huntsville Prison, Texas, USA.

2002 (-) Murderer and literary talent Jack Henry Abbott known for The Belly of the Beast, commits suicide by hanging with a shoelace in his prison cell at the age of 58 in Alden, Wende Correctional Facility, New York, USA.
2002 (-) Adolf Hitler’s private secretary Traudl Junge originally Gertraud Humps, dies of cancer at the age of 81 in München, Bavaria, Germany.
2003 (-) Wrestler and bodybuilder Curt Hennig aka Mr Perfect, dies of a heart attack at the age of 44 in a hotel room, Tampa, Florida, USA.
I am the greatest wrestler, the greatest athlete the state of Minnesota has ever produced.
2005 (-) Playwright and author Arthur Asher Miller dies of congenital heart failure at the age of 89 in Roxbury, Connecticut, USA.
2008 (-) Actor Roy Richard Scheider dies of multiple myeloma at the age of 75 in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA.

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