Monday, October 22, 2007

22 october 2002 - Vilvoorde, Belgium

A patch of green along the railroad between Brussels and Antwerpen, in Vilvoorde, the city where I was born.

1785 (x) 45-year-old Writer and philosopher Donatien Alphonse François De Sade begins to write his ‘120 Days of Sodom’ on a paper roll of 11cm wide and 12m long, finishing it in just 37 days in Paris, Prison de la Bastille, France.
1811 (+) Composer Franz Liszt is born in Raiding, Hungary.
1844 (+) Actress Sarah Bernhardt is born in Paris, France.
1877 (x) 207 Die in William Dixons pit 1 and 2 coal mine explosion in Blantyre, Scotland, United Kingdom.
1879 (x) 32-year-old Inventor Thomas Edison tests the first incandescent light bulb in New Jersey, USA.
It burned 13 1/2 hours.
1902 (-) Maud March is poisoned by Severin Klosowski aka George Chapman, in the United Kingdom.
1905 (+) Radio engineer and discoverer of cosmic radio sources Karl Jansky is born in Norman, Oklahoma, USA.
1906 (-) Artist Paul Cézanne dies of delirium influenza at the age of 67 in Aix-en-Provence, France.
1909 (-) Murderer Mathew Janeigaj is executed by hanging at the age of 27 in Oregon, USA.
1913 (x) 263 Die in coal-mine explosion in Dawson, New Mexico, USA.
1920 (+) Spiritual theorist Timothy Leary is born in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA.
1925 (+) Artist Robert Rauschenberg is born in Port Arthur, Texas, USA.
1934 (-) Gangster Charles Floyd aka Pretty Boy, is shot dead by the FBI in a shootout at the age of 30 in East Liverpool, Ohio, USA.
1942 (-) Sex-murderer Ronald Fearn is executed by the Gas Chamber at the age of 23 in Canon City, Colorado, USA.
1943 (+) Actress Catherine Deneuve is born in Paris, France.
1948 (+) Manson Family member Lynette Fromme aka Squeaky, is born in Santa Monica, California, USA.
1949 (x) 200 Die in train derailment in Nowy Dwor, Poland.
1960 (x) 24-year-old Serial Killer Heinrich Pommerencke aka The Beast of the Black Forest, is convicted to life-imprisonment in Freiburg, Germany.
1971 (-) Polizeimeister Norbert Schmid is shot dead by Baader-Meinhof-Gruppe Rote Armee Fraktion, in Hamburg, Germany.
He is the first deadly victim of the terrorist group.
1977 (-) Glen Parks is shot dead by Henry Lee Lucas aka The Hand of Death, at the age of 47 in Bellmead, Texas, USA.
1979 (x) 45-year-old Serial Killer Angelo Buono aka The Hillside Strangler, is arrested in Los Angeles, Glendale, California, USA.
1981 (-) Suzanna Cambi and Mainardo Paolo are shot dead and mutilated as seventh and eighth victim by Pietro Pacciani aka Il Mostre, at the age of 24 in Florence, Calenzano, Italy.
Suzanna’s pubis had been removed.
1987 (-) Actor Lino Ventura dies of a heart attack at the age of 68 in Paris, St. Cloud, France.
1995 (-) Writer Kingsley Amis dies at the age of 73 in London, United Kingdom.
1997 (-) Murderer Alan Bannister is executed by lethal injection at the age of 39 in Missouri, USA.
2001 (-) Murderer Gerald Mitchell is executed by lethal injection in Huntsville Prison, Texas, USA.

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