Sunday, October 21, 2007

21 october 2003 - Brussels, Belgium

Tables and chairs in the largest restaurant for civil servants in Brussels. It served 2000 people at the same time and is now demolished.

1440 (x) 36-year-old Serial Killer Gilles De Rais makes a full confession of his crimes in court in Nantes, France.
1805 (-) Admiral Horatio Nelson is shot in the spine during the Battle of Trafalgar at the age of 47.
1833 (+) Inventor of dynamite Alfred Nobel aka The Merchant of Death, is born in Stockholm, Sweden.
1888 (+) Cult figure and first wife of Nazi Leader Hermann Göring Carin Göring originally Carin Frelin von Fock, is born in Stockholm, Sweden.
1917 (+) Musician Dizzy Gillespie is born in Cheraw, South Carolina, USA.
1926 (-) Mabel Fluke is raped and strangled as eighth victim by Earle Leonard Nelson aka The Gorilla Murderer, in Portland, Oregon, USA.
1930 (+) Murderer Richard Jordan is born in Arizona, USA.
1966 (x) 116 children and 28 adults Die in coal-slag avalanche in Aberfan, United Kingdom.
1969 (-) Writer Jack Kerouac dies of a liver-disease at the age of 47 in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.
1971 (x) 24-year-old Manson Family-member Tex Watson is sentenced to die in the Gas Chambers for the Tate-LaBianca murders in Los Angeles, California, USA.
1980 (-) Pediatrician Hans Asperger dies at the age of 74 in Wien, Austria.
1984 (-) Filmmaker François Truffaut dies of a brain tumour at the age of 52 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France.
1985 (-) Assassin of San Francisco mayor George Moscone and Harvey Milk, Dan White commits suicide in California, USA.
1989 (x) 132 Die in Boeing 727 crash in Honduras.
1989 (-) Dorothy Keeler is is found skeletonised, beaten to death by Arthur Shawcross aka The Monster of the Rivers, at the age of 59 in Genesee Gorge, New York, USA.
1998 (-) Musician Jim Shepard commits suicide at the age of 44 in Culumbus, Ohio, USA.
1999 (-) Murderer Arthur Boyd is executed by lethal injection at the age of 50 in Raleigh State Prison, North Carolina, USA.
2006 (-) Writer John Symonds dies at the age of 92 in the United Kingdom.
He was a close friend of Aleister Crowley.

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