Friday, October 12, 2007

12 october 2005 - Shanghai, China

Rows of Buddha statues at Longhua Temple in Shanghai.

1654 (x) Over 100 Die in gunpowder store explosion in Delft, the Netherlands.
1875 (+) Magick Master Aleister Crowley aka The Great Beast 666, is born in Leamington, Warwickshire, United Kingdom.
1891 (+) Carmelite nun and martyr Edith Stein aka Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, is born in Breslau, Germany.
1915 (-) Nurse Edith Cavell is executed by the Firing Squad at the age of 49 in Brussels, Nationale Schietbaan, Brabant, Belgium.
She and her friend Philippe Baucq, who was also executed, were sentenced to death for offering help to British soldiers.
1923 (-) Wilhelm Erdner is killed and his meat sold by Fritz Haarmann aka Der Hannover Werwolf, at the age of 16 in Hannover, Mordhaus Neue Stra├če, Germany.
1934 (-) Tilda Blomqvist is killed in an arsoned housefire by Sigvard Thurnemann aka The Doctor, in Sweden.
Thurnemann was assisted by Erik Hedstrom.
1935 (+) Tenor Luciano Pavarotti is born in Modena, Italy.
1937 (-) Thief and multiple murderer Fritz Ophuls is executed by the Guillotine in Germany.
He was sentenced to death for over 120 crimes.
1946 (+) Neighbour to David Berkowitz aka Son of Sam, John Carr is born in New York, Yonkers, New York, USA.
Berkowitz believed Carr’s dog to be Satan who gave him visionary messages.
1949 (+) Terrorist Ilich Sanchez aka Carlos aka The Jackal, is born in Caracas, Venezuela.
1969 (x) 34-year-old Family leader Charles Manson is arrested in a police-raid on the Barker Ranch in Death Valley, California, USA.
He was hiding in a small cupboard under a sink and spotted by his hair sticking out of the door. Also arrested are Beth Tracy aka Collie Sinclair, Diane Bluestein aka Shake Lake, Sherry Andrews aka Claudia Leigh Smith, John Philip Haught aka Zero Christopher Jesus, Kenneth R. Brown aka Scott Bell Davis, Lee Hamic aka William Rex Cole aka Bill Vance, Vern Edward Thompson aka Plumlee, Lawrence L. Bailey aka Little Larry and Bruce Davis. They are all charged with auto-theft.
1971 (-) Musician Gene Vincent originally Vincent Eugene Craddock, dies of alcohol-poisoning at the age of 36 in California, USA.
1974 (-) Arlis Perry is raped, tortured and ritually murdered by cultists at the age of 19 in Stanford, University Memorial Church, California, USA.
1978 (-) Susan Geiger is sexually tortured by Richard Francis Cottingham aka The Midtown Torso Killer, at the age of 19 in South Hackensack, Airport Motel, New Jersey, USA.
She survived.
1978 (-) Nancy Spungen aka Nauseating Nancy, is stabbed to death by Sid Vicious at the age of 20 in New York, Chelsea Hotel, New York, USA.
1980 (x) 33-year-old Mass-murderer Freddy Horion aka Beatle, tries to escape from prison by use of a replica handgun made out of breadcrumb in Gent, De Nieuwe Wandeling, Belgium.
He is caught on the roof of the prison.
1982 (-) Craig Townsend is handcuffed, severely beaten up and left in a coma by Larry Eyler aka The Leather-Boy Killer, in Lowell, Indiana, USA.
He survived.
1985 (x) Seventeenth bomb attack by the Terrorist Movement CCC in Charleroi, Acec factory, Hainaut, Belgium.
1985 (x) Eighteenth bomb attack by the Terrorist Movement CCC in Charleroi, Taxpaying offices, Hainaut, Belgium.
1993 (x) 53 members of a cult commit suicide by axes and other primitive weaponry after Blind Cult Leader Ca Van Liem promised them they’d go straight to heaven in Ta He, Vietnam.
1997 (-) Musician John Denver originally Henry John Deutschendorf, crashes into the sea with his private airplane at the age of 53 in Monterey, California, USA.
1999 (-) Murderer Alvin Crane is executed by lethal injection in Huntsville Prison, Texas, USA.
2001 (-) Murderer David Ward is executed by lethal injection at the age of 39 in Raleigh State Prison, North Carolina, USA.
2004 (-) Murderer Donald Aldrich is executed by lethal injection in Huntsville Prison, Texas, USA.

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