Wednesday, June 27, 2007

27 june 2004 - Berlin, Germany

Club Moral "Dienstälteste europaïsche powerelectronics industrial aktivisten & live terroristen" stepping on the plane at Tempelhof Airport after a successful performance at the Ironflame Festival in Berlin.

1838 (+) Weapon designer Paul von Mauser is born in Oberndorf am Neckar, Germany.
1844 (-) Founder of the Latter Day Saint movement aka Mormonism Joseph Smith is shot dead by an angry mob at the age of 38 in Carthage Jail, Illinois, USA.
1969 (x) 64-year-old Winnie Ruth Judd aka The Trunk Murderess, is arrested after a seven-year period of escape from the Arizona State Hospital in Piedmont, California, USA.
1969 (x) 30-year-old Serial Killer Jerry Brudos aka The Lust Killer, pleads guilty to 3 charges of first degree murder and is sentenced to 3 consecutive life-sentences in Salem, Marion County Courthouse, Oregon, USA.
1985 (-) Patty Higgins is killed by throatcutting by Richard Ramirez aka The Nightstalker, at the age of 32 in Los Angeles, Arcadia, California, USA.
1986 (-) Frederick Prentice is attacked by Kenneth Erskine aka The Stockwell Strangler, at the age of 73 in South London, United Kingdom.
He survived.
1993 (x) 34-year-old Serial Killer Joel Rifkin is arrested after a police-hunt because of a missing number-plate on his Mazda pick-up, in the back arresting police-officers found the body of 22-year-old Tiffany Bresciani in Long Islang, Old Country Road, New York, USA.
2006 (-) Serial Killer Angel Reséndiz aka The Railway Killer, is executed by lethal injection at the age of 46 in Huntsville Prison, Texas, USA.

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nice photo :)

unfortunately the airport will be closed down forever this october.

for all visitors of our upcoming BERLIN BRUIT festival we have arranged a guided tour through all the secret areas /catacombs, bunkers, attics, etc.) of this unique and second biggest building in the world...!

best from berlin, berlinbruit