Sunday, January 21, 2007

21 january 2004 - Antwerpen, Belgium

The music band Club Moral on the night I left for Kuala Lumpur, a city where I didn't know anybody and nobody knew me.

1791 (-) King Louis XVI is executed by the Guillotine in Paris, France.
1855 (+) Inventor and designer John Browning is born.
1905 (+) Fashion designer Christian Dior is born in Granville, France.
1921 (+) Spree Killer Howard Unruh is born in East Camden, New Jersey, USA.
1924 (+) Actor Telly Savalas is born in Garden City, New York, USA.
1924 (-) Bolsjevist leader Vladimir Ilyitsch Lenin dies of sclerosis of the cerebral arteries at the age of 53 in Gorky, Russia.
1925 (+) Actor Benny Hill originally Alfie Hill, is born in Southampton, United Kingdom.
1931 (-) Film star Alma Ruben commits suicide by drug-overdose after being arrested for smuggling drugs in Hollywood, California, USA.
1938 (+) DJ Wolfman Jack is born in the USA.
1938 (-) Film pioneer Georges Meliès dies at the age of 76 in Paris, France.
1939 (+) Feminist writer Germaine Greer is born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
1941 (+) Musician Placido Domingo is born in Barcelona, Spain.
1944 (+) Murderer and litterary talent Jack Henry Abbott from The Belly of the Beast, is born in Oscoda, Michigan, USA.
1950 (-) Writer George Orwell originally Eric Arthur Blair, dies of a lung-bleeding at the age of 57 in London, United Kingdom.
1952 (+) Multiple Murderer Raymond Stewart is born in Burlington, North Carolina, USA.
1959 (-) Filmmaker Cecil Blount De Mille dies at the age of 77 in Hollywood, California, USA.
1960 (x) Over 400 Die in coal-mine explosion in Coalbrook, South Africa.
Many were trapped underground due to a cave-in.
1961 (-) Writer Blaise Cendrars dies at the age of 73 in France.
1963 (x) 37-year-old Acid Murderer Dr. Geza De Kaplany is sentenced to life-imprisonment for soaking his wife in nitric acid in San José, California, USA.
1965 (-) Lucienne Verhoeven-Bourlard is strangled by Michel Bellen aka The Strangler of the Left Bank, at the age of 27 in Antwerpen, Gloriantlaan, Antwerp, Belgium.
1968 (x) A US B52-bomber with 4 nuclear bombs aboard crashes in Thule, Greenland.
1978 (-) Yvonne Pearson is murdered by Peter Sutcliffe aka The Yorkshire Ripper, at the age of 22 in the United Kingdom.
1980 (x) Start of the trial against Serial Killer Ted Bundy aka The Only Living Witness, for the murder of Kimberley Leach in Orlando, Florida, USA.
1984 (-) Actor and swim-champion Johnny Weismuller aka Tarzan, dies at the age of 80 in a mental hospital in Acapulco, Mexico.
1985 (x) 71 Die in L118 Elektra crash in Reno, USA.
1997 (-) Colonel Tom Parker aka The Man Who Made Elvis, dies at the age of 87 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
1998 (-) Double Murderer Jose Ceja is executed by lethal injection at the age of 42 in State Prison, Florence, Arizona, USA.
His last meal request were two chili beef burritos, two cans of Coke Classic and a slice of cherry pie.
1998 (-) Murderer Lloyd Hampton is executed by lethal injection at the age of 44 in Springfield State Penitentiary, Illinois, USA.

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